A variety of stuff I'm working on at the moment.


Hi! Welcome to Henspace.com. This is just a portal pointing to a variety of projects I’m working on. Feel free to take a look around.


RapidQandA is an application that has been designed to take plain text files and convert them into quizzes and lessons. It’s free, with no account needed and no ads.

Cover for comic called Empty Minds RapidQandA


If you’re interested in what sort of things I draw, take a look at my other social media sites or my Redbubble shop.

Picture of man holding pen

Redbubble logo Redbubble shop

Instagram logo Instagram: Henspace is drawing

DeviantArt logo DeviantArt: Henspace is drawing

Webtoons comics

I’ve also been working on a number of comics which are all freely available at Webtoons.

Cover for comic called Empty Minds Webtoons comics

Too many owls: a children’s story

This is a story for children up to about 3 or 4. It’s free and slightly interactive.

Close-up image of an owl's eyes Too many owls

It’s also available from Amazon if you’d like to support my work. It’s pretty much the same as the online version but it includes a similar story about some cute bears.

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