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is a deceptively simple tile-based puzzle. You are presented with a square grid of 9 tiles and all you need to do is rearrange them back into the correct order. To move the tiles around, just click on them to move them to the top area. When the top area is full, the tiles will automatically drop back into the main grid. That's all there is to it.

There's a funny icon in the top area of the game. That shows you the order the tiles will drop back into the spaces. The drop order is the key to understanding how to solve the puzzle. Take a look at the diagram below - hope it helps.

Oh! One other thing. When you select a tile, it must be adjacent to an existing space if there is one.

Don't get it? You will. Just start playing.

Just to mix it up a bit, the top area is sometimes 4 tiles wide and sometimes it's 5. That will alter your strategy, so take care.

  • Want to make it easier? Click on the Peek button.
  • Want to make it harder? Click on the Animate button to mix it up a bit.
  • If the puzzle is too hard, click New to try another one.

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